Thursday, 21 July 2011

Neurotypical-Autistic Capability Comparison - Sasha G, Kamini R, Daniella AV, Koyal R, Ruchika VN

We realized there were far too many overlaps among the abilities and disabilities of autistic and neurotypical people and we had to keep switching from very generalized to very specific points of views. So we decided to incorporate both views into an infographic that would allow for overlaps and chose to go with a Venn Diagram concept where the intersection would contain all the ambiguous activities that could fall into either the CAN or CAN'T section.

Hand Drawn Version
Digital Version

Ruchika Nambiar


  1. Congrats, group. The digital infographic looks beautiful and comprehensive and thought provoking but needs refining, as some of the elements don't fit in -for instance gross motor in neurotypicals in "can"! The language also needs a little refinement...
    Another question is if we are equalizing or privileging the autistic people why are the neurotypicals still and exclusively on top?

  2. I don't know why I'm not able to make the digital infographic clickable to take you to the original sized image; the one here is very pixelated, but I'm not able to link it for some reason.

    Also, I guess we did kind of overlook having put neurotypicals on top. It was originally supposed to be on the right and left, but when we changed the axis, we forgot to consider this.

  3. yeah - it's not clickable but it's quite ok for the first one