Thursday, 28 July 2011

For Ruchika and Kamini and group - 1.

The numbers are not available but this is the department - you could try to catch them on follow up day if you can get an appointment - I am still trying to get the numbers.


  1. Thanks a lot, Koshy. Will call the institute and request for the doctors' numbers if you aren't able to find them.

  2. Was only able to get through to Dr. Ashok and Dr. Nalini. Dr. Ashok said he is free tomorrow around 3pm. Dr. Nalini however said she can't give us a definite time and that she's quite busy on both days and she's asked me to call her tomorrow and check with her and she'll put us on to one of her colleagues.

    I tried various numbers for NIMHANS. Department numbers and the NIMHANS number itself. No one is picking those up. I did however get Dr. Shoba and Dr. Shekhar's email IDs and I've mailed them. So if I'm not able to get in touch with them soon enough for tomorrow, then we'll plan that for Tuesday.

  3. well done, ruchika :)
    i am also trying regarding nimhans :)

  4. So Dr. Shekhar replied to my e-mail and said he's free tomorrow at 11 am. Kamini and a few others are going to NIMHANS anyway today because Kamini knows someone there who will put her in touch with the psychiatry department. Kamini and I don't mind going tomorrow again to meet the doctor, so I'll go ahead and confirm the appointment.

    We're having some trouble with the Spastic Society though. I asked Dr. Nalini if we could come and visit the facility even if it wasn't possible to meet anyone. But she replied asking us to come on Friday. So, Koshy, IF possible, would you be able to ask them to let us visit sometime tomorrow?