Sunday, 24 July 2011

Instructions to make the GSketchup Walkthrough

Hi Koshy,

Some people were calling me asking how to make the walkthrough video. So I'm just going to put up instructions here. Will delete this post later.

1) Using the Positioning tools (orbit, pan, zoom, look around, walk), set your first scene (the one you want your video to start with) and then go to View>Animation and click "Add Scene". You will then see a "Scene 1" tab appear just above your Image window. When you click "Add Scene", it stores whatever scene was in your window at the time you clicked the "Add Scene" button.

Positioning tools that you can use. If you cannot see all
of these tools, go to View>Toolbars>Large Tool Set

2) After you see the Scene 1 tab appear, change the positions again to your next desired scene (for example, my first scene was an overhead view of the house, my next scene was positioned at the door of the house) and click the "Add Scene" button again. You will see a "Scene 2" tab appear to the right of the Scene 1 tab.

Scene Tabs

3) Repeat above process for as many scenes as you like. If you wish to preview the animation, right click any one of the scene tabs and click "Play Animation". Be careful to position your scenes in such a way that you do not walk through walls in your animation.

4) To change animation settings, go to View>Animation>Settings.

5) To export your video, go to File>Export>Animation and choose file type AVI. Unfortunately, the size and clarity for these videos isn't very good and I could only increase it to a certain extent. To increase it, after clicking Export>Animation, in the Save window that opens up, at the bottom right corner of the window, there is an Options button, when you click that, change frame rate to 24, change codec to "Full Frames (Uncompressed)" and change video size to 16:9 instead of 4:3. However, doing this will also increase your file size.

Hope this helps.

Ruchika Nambiar


  1. Thank you ruchika!
    you are awesome.

    Achala, ananya, meghna, megha and kamini