Thursday, 21 July 2011

Achala B- My Hexayurt(s)

Lack of information always leads to problems. And in my case, with ample information, I landed my self in a pretty big mess. A Hexayurt, I understood was a six dimensional figure which was used for post-earthquake shelter crisis. Hence, my first Hexayurt was based on materials. I used thermocol for the inside as it would help be an insulator. And the outside with the cheap plastic used in suitcases, which is water proof. The roof however was empty. That was the mistake.
The next two Hexayurt's were made with paper and card board. The first one's measurements were 12 cm by 13 cm rectangles and the triangles' height were 13cm . The second one was 10 by 5 cm rectangles and the triangles' height were 10cm. I used 12 triangles for the second one.


  1. me too. i got the measurements wrong for the roof,and i had no more material left, so i had to make a new one.