Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hypothetical scenario for project.


· Family 1: Father, mother, daughter and son (1-4 years). Age: 5-9 years. (Rett’s)

· Family 2: Mother and son. Age:1-4years.(Classic autism) (moderate)

· Family 3: Father, mother and son. Age:9-13 years (Aspergers)

· Family 4: Care giver and teenager. Age: 14-20. Atypical autism (severe)

· Family 5: Father and son. Age: 20+. Autism(functional)

· Family 6: Father, mother, care giver, two daughters (30 and 18) and a son. Age: 20-30 years. Autism(moderate)

· Orphan (M) and Poor woman (F). Age: 30+(M) 40+(F)

· Mother (Neurotypical). Age: 70+

· Autistic son. Age: 50+. Autism (moderate)


  • Communication Deall (Only autistic) Dr. Prathibha Karanth.
  • ASHA KIRAN (Special Education School) Mrs. Rita James
  • ASHA (Severe handicaps and autism) Dr. Jayshree Ramesh
  • Schools which are ready to take an autistic child. Mr. J's wife
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors.
  • Therapists, special educators, teachers


· NIMHANS. (Dr. Shobha Srinath, Dr. Shekar Seshadhri)

  • St.Johns. (Dr.Ashok M)
  • Spastic Society of Karnataka. (Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, Dr. Rukmini K.)
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors.
  • Therapists


  • White field, Prestige Epsilons.
  • Jalvayu Vihar and Sena Vihar.
  • Create from scratch.

Choose land from Google earth. Use Google maps (accessibility).

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