Monday, 18 July 2011

Course Abstract - The Autism Village: Designing a Miniature Futuristic Semi-urban Space.

Course Outline for “Autism Village Project: Designing a Miniature Future Semi-Urban Space
Four credits: From July 18 – for five weeks (21 days)
The course will run on Mondays to Thursday afternoons, except on first week.
Monday mornings will be for library research and Thursday afternoons are off.
The course is only for those interested in design for humanity and inclusive/universal/service design.
Minimum sign up is 10 and maximum 25.
It is a known fact that one out of 90-110 children are on the autistic spectrum in USA. Ten years back it was 1 in 900-1100. The exact statistics is not known in India. What is worth thinking of is that if we project this into the future we seemingly get a world in another 20 years where everyone is abled, differently abled and disabled. This course is about designing an inclusive village for neurotypicals and those on the autistic spectrum where the latter is at the center and privileged.
The course will deal with designing for humanity, cost-effectiveness, environment friendliness, ecological design, space management, farming, community involvement, management, inclusivity, innovation and entrepreneurial planning, architectural design and systems design…
The end product will be a small scale 3D model of an autistic village. First small groups will do parts using drawing, sketching, rendering, 3D modeling with google sketch up and finally a scaled up model with random materials and then it will all come together. The learning objective is mastering the group dynamics in working towards designing future spaces for general and specialized groups.


  1. Hi!

    Good to see more people keen on Autism design.:D I am a fourth year architecture student. Have you done any case studies of any autistic centre? There is a dirth of good austistic building designs in Delhi where I live. I was wondering if you could send them to me or suggest them to me.
    Take Care!

  2. hi shayontoni - to be honest i don't think people think in lines of designing such buildings suitable for autitistics at all anywhere in india but they do in some places use inclusive design meaning ramps for wheelchairs and things like that

    thanks for finding the blog and commenting

  3. autistics, sorry not autitsitcis