Monday, 25 July 2011

A house with six walls - Samrudhii, Swati, Huma, Sonali , Rashmi

Building area: 166 sq ft
Length of the rectangle: 4ft
Breath of the rectangle: 8ft (the size of each side)
Height of the triangle: 8ft

This hexayurt is meant for two people. It has proper cross ventilation along with being surrounded by greenery so as to be able to provide a proper environment for the people living in it. We have also tried to place a dog so as to help in the child’s development and also as a recreation. The bathroom has not been included in the hexayurt and has been attached as an outside entity as we have looked at the place as a village, a community as a whole.  As to ensure that each bathroom is shared by two hexayurts.  Also the waste generated is used to further generate gas in terms of biogas, the underground panels help provide gas to all the houses. Even the pipelines of the bathroom and kitchen are joined so that all the waste can get accumulated in one area. We are made our best efforts to ensure that there is no sharp object in the house so as to ensure the safe keeping of the residents of the house.  We have tried to make this hexayurt as portable as possible, by using portable furniture so as to enhance the feature. We have used the bed as a whole by providing it with storage space so as to be able to eliminate the cupboard and increase the walking space. Overall we have tried to keep as much free space as possible so as to be able to provide space for recreational activities. We have even placed a white board so as to help the child in general development as he can use it for whatever purpose he wishes to. The roof has been used to help enhance solar electricity by placing panels on the roof of every hexayurt in the entire village.

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