Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hexayurt Small Scale Model: Megha Gupta

I started by making a prototype of it. This is the third model. My first method was to attach the triangles and the rectangles separately which did not work. My next method was to make the entire thing out of one sheet of paper, applying the box principle which did not work as well due to some technical flaws. I finally came up with a method of first cutting the rectangles separately and then the triangles out of the rectangles. So I first made twelve rectangles each of three by six inches and then I cut them. Out of them - the six rectangles - I cut two triangles diagonally, which resulted in two equal triangles per rectangle. So, in this way, I got twelve triangles of equal length. By joining two right angled triangles I made one big isosceles triangle. This way i got six isosceles triangles. The final step was to join the six isosceles triangles with the six rectangles by taping them together. This resulted in the formation of the hexayurt.

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  1. Your process description is ok but the hexayurt just isn't.