Thursday, 28 July 2011

AVP Community Center Proposal and Modified Main Road Map

Community Center (CC) Proposal:

Since we are leaving around 10 acres of space (green blocks) for future development, I thought IF we have time, then we should work together on building a community center (light purple) that would have a restaurant, grocery/department store, pharmacist, auditorium and other facilities that the community could share as a whole. The grocery store could also sell organic farm produce from within the village itself. It would be placed near the main parking lot and is walking distance from the school and hospital. The undeveloped areas (green) are most likely to be developed into a residential area which also makes it conveniently located. 

Modified Main Road Map

Aim: Discourage vehicles by having very few main roads and more pedestrian lanes and bicycle paths.
  1. There are two main roads, one that goes to the hospital and another that goes directly to the school.
  2. I removed the main roads from around the school so that there is less noise/pollution and is safer for the autistic children. Main roads around the hospital have also been removed for the same reasons.
  3. A smaller road (50ft) connect the farm to the potential CC so farm produce can be sold at the grocery store.
  4. The same road also connects the school to the therapy center (purple) and CC.     
  5. The main road from Gate 2 branches off to a 50 ft road that connects the residential area to the school and the aqua and equestrian therapy area.
  6. Parallel to that there is a 50 ft road going through the city center that is strategically placed for further development and contraction vehicles.
  7. These main roads will break off into smaller branches and bicycle paths for convenience.                         
* smaller parking area will be needed for the school
* hospital and potential CC share main parking lot
* residential group has to allocate land for the main roads (since you guys have 6 acres)


  1. Mr. Koshy, I added a road from the hospital/parking space into therapy centre and another from residential/school space to the common area. Smaller lanes will connect each area from the left and right but that needs to be decided by each group.

  2. I like the community centre idea and even the selling of organic products produced at the farm. I also like the road plan better and the fact that a road runs through the parking lot instead of around it.

  3. Oh also road running through the yellow area as opposed to along its edge in the previous layout.

  4. 50 feet is too small
    i think these are stil main arteries so 80 feet at least - i mean the ones in green

  5. the community centre idea makes the whole place come together

  6. should it be more central but - and why i veto the fifty feet idea is only because to build we need quite a few bigger roads through out later we could do something about it

  7. Yes, I think we can make the 50ft. roads 80ft. ones. As for the community centre, I can't really think of a different place for it that'll make it any more central than its current position, without disrupting the common areas.

  8. Oh yeah I guess we could do that and push one residential square to the top left corner.