Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hexayurt - Koyal Raheja

Materials : thick cardboard, ruler, compass, cutter, scissor, tape, fevicol.
Measurements : triangle-
8x2 cm , 5cm
rectangle -
6.5 x 5 cm
flaps -
0.5 cm
Method :
1. cut out a circle from the thick cardboard, measure 45 degrees from the centre to get eight equal triangles. cut the edges of the circle to get a hexagon.
2. Cut a long strip of cardboard and divide into 7 equal rectangles with flaps, shown in the given diagram.
Cut out windows and a door from the rectangle sheet.
3. fold the structures made in step 1 and 2
4. join the two structures

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  1. Damn cool :)
    Don't forget to bring in the overview and scale shots too.