Thursday, 21 July 2011

Adaptable Hexayurt - Kamini

1 Octagon made of a circle with a 10 cm radius
I rectangles divided by 8 smaller rectangles of 7.5 cm by 10 cm

I focused on space management and wanted to make a hexayurt that was able to adapt in different situations. For example, in an urban area with limited space, the hexayurt can be 'folded' in and expanded in a rural area.

I first made a circle of 10 cm radius and folded it to make 8 sides
I trimmed the edges to turn the circle into a octagon.
The rectangle base was just folded and flaps were cut out to join the roof to the base. 

The structure can be folded to expand or shrink depending on the space requirements. It can become four walled and go up in number to eight walls and the roof can similarly/simultaneously be contracted or expanded.

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  1. Classy!
    Wondering if you need more piics or a video, though!