Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cheap and Portable Furniture made out of Paper/Cardboard: Karton Group


In Europe, KARTON means Cardboard. In Australia, KARTON means forgetting 
everything you think you know about cardboard. 

KARTON is what you get when you leave a stack of cardboard sheets 
alone in a room with some of Europe’s brightest engineers.
KARTON is affordable, durable and beautiful. It's also 100% recyclable.
Move it, flatten it, store it or leave it exactly where it is.

Discover the flexibility and convenience of a dining table you can carry 

across the room, a bed you can flatten when your guests head home 
and a kid's table that relishes a lick of paint!
KARTON is about keeping things simple and easy - proof that quality European 
design can also be cheap and accessible. It's available exclusively online, 
so there's no middle-man. 


The Paperpedic Bed can be folded into its shape through some simple steps.

The Lamb Shelf                            
The Berlin Method- Eins (shelf) :                                                             
These are just three examples of this foldable type of cardboard furniture. 
There are many more on the website -



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    It's beautiful stuff

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