Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Visit to Asha Kiran Special Needs School

After Shishu Bhavan where the lack of educational and medical help was depressing to see as was the seeming lack of funds, the visit to Asha Kiran was worthwhile - although we are still moving in a special needs ambience - because the layout was space utilized well to the maximum...the school being away from the main city's hustle and bustle, the yard, the bus bay a little away from the school, the gate, the security, the yard, the play area, the principal's room, reception area, auditorium, classrooms, corridors, wheelchair ramp, stairs, washing hands areas,the library, comp lab, boy's hostel with study area, bathrooms, gym, counselling room, vocational training area, kitchen, terrace, washing area and the room on the top most floor for making phenyl etc... not to mention the canteen

However, what is missing is the rooms for therapies and interventions that an autistics only school would have.

Every day new or old and better or improved therapies like ABA or RDI or HANEN are coming out in the field of autism.

Educaton has to arrange for these spaces most.

Vocational training and lifespan services (adult learning would be part of this )also matter tremendously.

Another thing is bringing in cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, environmentalism, sustainability and resilience.

If we cover these and the aspect of training the trainers we begin to have it covered.

We found a four floor building can work. No lifts.

The best part was interaction with three autistic children.

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