Monday, 1 August 2011

For Education Group and other groups to read.

EDUCATION GROUP : Please come to ASHA KIRAN SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOL tomorrow somehow by 9.45.
Wednesday: 9.45 Spastics Society of Karnataka, Prevention for Disabilities Hall, Assistive technology session observation.

MEDICAL GROUP: Cover Nimhans and St. John's. Spastics Society of Karnataka is not so important. Talk to Srishti Wellness team. After that start designing.

RESIDENTIAL GROUP: AFTER your visits or even now this group can start designing.

Talk to as many of the relevant people as possible, take notes and observe , note down details, take pics if possible.

Everyone must finish work for Sonalee and put up on the blog.

Use this blog to discuss ideas.

Next Monday one group of 13 students will go to COMMUNICATION DEALL
AND on Tuesday another group of students , 12 in number, will go to COMMUNICATION DEALL.
It is on Hutchin's Road , 2nd Cross.

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