Friday, 12 August 2011

Hospital Proximity Map

The following is a proximity map proposal for the hospital. The connecting lines only signify basic proximity, not definite physical connections. This is only a model to build upon, not the final hospital structure. This model will help us determine the flow of the hospital from both its entrances - main and emergency. Since we have been asked to make autistic diagnostic services easily accessible from the main entrance, I have begun the main entrance flow with reception, moving into diagnosis, connecting to doctors' departments such as neurology, psychiatry, etc. relevant to autism. Homeopathy and Ayurveda are on the other side as they are alternative treatments. All the allopathic treatments connect to the regular hospital area in the other building. The emergency entrance flows into a regular hospital structure, starting with ICUs, Operation Theatres, Wards, Rooms, and all other departments like cardiology, ophthalmology etc. which come back to connect to the autism-relevant departments like neurology and pediatrics which we addressed earlier. Remember when I say "connect", I mean it in terms of general proximity, not as if these areas will be directly, physically connected to each other in every case. The nurses' stations and administrative offices will fall approximately in the centre of the two areas, between all the allopathic departments. Remember this does not take the different floors of the hospital into account. The research centre is more or less disconnected from the rest, most probably taking up the top most floor.

This is simply a basic proposal to make our work easier while making our floor plans and things can still be modified. 

The therapy area includes all the basic interventions; they still need to be discussed by the school and hospital groups and the proximity map created for it. The different grey areas are the three different buildings and how these services will generally fall within them.

This is not the final structure. It is simply to speed up our planning and floor plan designing.

Proximity Map

Ruchika Nambiar


  1. can u take out equestrian and instead put touch and yoga and exercise therapy and aba and vba and teacch and hanen in there in school place...
    also hope the stemcell and hbo are somewhere there in hosp plus homeo and ayurveda
    plus psychiatrist and psychology places for psychotherapy
    otherwise its fantastic
    thanks for diagnosis
    research place?

  2. Research centre since most of the doctors told us to include that if we're serious about exploring treatments not yet proven or tested. And yes, Homeo and Ayurveda are already in there. Kamini's got a layout plan which she will be uploading soon, so we'll update the other things in that.