Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My New Autistic Friend - Achala, Ananya, Samruddhi, Sonali, Swati

My New Autistic Friend is an infographic for the "autistic can't". It is based on a Tetris game. So basically, the different tetriminoes indicate the steps or process towards socialization for autistic people. In an autistic world, communication is the biggest downfall, hence, socialization, in their world is a cut back. By following the tetris game, you can see that, through:

  • Autistic awareness around the world; 
  • Behavior therapy for the autistic people; 
  • People volunteering to spend time with them and who have the same wavelength as the autistic kid, eg. Instead of fixing a play date with a 7 year old neurotypical boy with your 7 year old son who is an asperges, and is interested in 10th grade math, Arrange a play date for him, with a 10th grade kid, who is good at math.
  • Have patience with them;
  • Maintain commitment through and through so that you become a routine in their life
This infographic was aimed at more visuals and less text. We think that colour coding is the easiest way to comprehend information. Each shape and colour is a symbolic representation of the steps required to become an autistic child's friend.

In Tetris, the different blocks join to form a unit. In our case, the tetriminoes join to form socialization which is represented by the two human hands coming together, to show friendship.

Our basic concept is that the only way we can communicate with an autistic child, is by mixing all the above mentioned steps together. If we do all step by step, only then will we reach the next step which is socialization.


  1. good work, but i would question the labeling of your new friend as 'autistic'. which immediately creates a differentiation. Is it not the aim to remove this differentiation?