Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Layout Ideas - NIMHANS

These are the notes we've made on NIMHANS:
  • Two entrances from either side. The central road of NIMHANS is a double road, with all its different centres on either side of the road. 
  • Lots of open spaces and green areas. Parking area very close to one entrance, farther away from the other.
  • Emergency Block equidistant from both entrances which is good.
  • An entire building for all administration purposes which might be slightly inconvenient to travel for billing purposes, etc. 
  • Department store, pharmacy, hopcoms opposite the road from neurocentre.
  • Family and Child Psychiatry section is a road that branches off from the double road. It's very much like a residential area. There are two buildings, one for Family Psychiatry and another for Child Psychiatry (which is much bigger). Each building opens into a central courtyard of its own (like in old houses and havelis), which we thought was a really good idea for community interaction.
  • The library, information centre, research centre and director's office is across the main road, not within the double road complex. 
  • To cross over from this complex, there is a zebra crossing and a stop light that stops traffic at regular intervals just for people to cross, which we found really useful. However, we believe there should be an information desk somewhere within the hospital complex itself as the area is quite large. It took us a while to find the information centre and they were not able to provide us with a map of the institute, which we think is important for such a large area.
  • There is a bank and ATM here as well.
Ruchika Nambiar

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