Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Education group -third day: visit to PRAYAS (Assistive technology) and Spastics Society of Karnataka

We met Kavita Sharma and spoke to her of Assistive Technology and also observed the work of PRAYAS,an AUTISM Society of India and SAP Labs and Spastics Society of India initiative.

The importance of therapy, interventions and treatments cannot be stressed too much.

Spaces for these things are a must and have to be intelligently designed.

We also visited Spastics SK and found the vocational training centre of especial interest.


  1. Can you give the address and phone number of Prayas? Is it located near Baruipur?

  2. Dear saurav, prayas islocated inSpastics society of karnataka,prevention of disabilites centre hall, at indiranagar
    it is run by kavita sharma
    it works in the mornings from ten onwards
    her phone number is 09008783511