Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hospital Group Submissions

A formal proposal for the hospital is coming up shortly. For now, here is a basic documentation of our final submissions for this course:

Map of Hospital:

Hospital Map

Hospital Internal Layout

Therapy Centre

Google Sketch Up Models of Rooms:

Speech Therapy Room - Top

Speech Therapy Room - Front

Speech Therapy One-on-One Room

OT Room - Top

OT Room - Front

OT Room - Front

Physiotherapy Room - Top

Physiotherapy Room - Front

Physiotherapy Room - Side

Physiotherapy Room - Play Area

Physiotherapy Room - Bathrooms

Physiotherapy Room - Offices

Operation Theatre - Top

Operation Theatre - Front
ECG Room - Top

ECG Room - Side

MRI Room - Top

Back Offices - Top

Back Offices - Front

3-D Model:
Images coming up soon.

Ruchika Nambiar


  1. I feel so satisfied.
    Love it.

  2. Oh wow, saw this only now. I never get notified for comments. Yeah, I love all of it together. Which reminds me, proposal coming up soon.

  3. these pictures don't show the dimensions, at least aapproximately