Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Residential accommodation

· Family 1: Father, mother, daughter and son (1-4 years). Age: 5-9 years. (Rett’s)(Verbal)(3 BHK)

· Family 2: Mother and son. Age:1-4years.(Classic autism) (moderate)(Non verbal)(1 BHK)

· Family 3: Father, mother and son. Age:9-13 years(Aspergers)(Verbal)(2 BHK)

· Family 4: Care giver and teenager. Age: 14-20. A typical autism (severe)(Non verbal)(2 BHK)

· Family 5: Father and son. Age: 20+. Autism (functional)(Non Verbal)(1 BHK)

· Family 6: Father, mother, care giver, two daughters (30 and 18) and a son. Age: 20-30 years. Autism(moderate)(Non Verbal)(4 BHK)

· Orphan(M) and poor woman(F). Age: 30+(M) 40+(F)(Non verbal)(2 BHK)

· Mother (Neurotypical). Age: 70+, Autistic son. Age: 50+. Autism (moderate) and a caregiver (Verbal)(3 BHK)

· Neurotypical family: Father, mother, son and daughter (3 BHK)


  1. Are these the people currently living here?

  2. no this is a dummy proposal we are testing it sanjay through design it is not at all real

  3. How can I know more about who you people are, what you are trying to do etc? I AM IMPRESSED - as I came to know first about you all from Autism Yahoo! Groups recently - AutismIndia. May the Lord bless you all !!